11 Insider Tips on How to Gamble Smart

Looking for tips and tricks on how to gamble smart? This is exactly why we are here. We have enough experience for a lifetime so, we’re here to share it with you.

One person once told me that if I feel like gambling, I simply drive past the casino and put some money in; but this won’t lead to an impressive bankroll. It can, in fact, put you in debt. You need to properly learn how to gamble smart first.

However, if you have a good strategy, you can expect to average a loss of less than $10 per hour. This is about the amount you would spend on a movie and much less than other forms of entertainment.

So, with this being said, let’s see the 11 tips on how to gamble smart!

1. How to gamble on slots: Choose to play slots online

how to gamble: play slots online

Online casinos like Bovada are better than land casinos if you want to play slots for a large amount of money. Your money will last twice as long in an online casino as it would in a physical casino. Land casinos must pay rent and utilities for large casinos as well as the machines. These expenses can be expensive, so the slots at land casinos are often more restrictive than those available online. On average, online casinos take 5% of the players’ slots bets. In land casinos, it’s closer to 9%. So, the first lesson on how to gamble smart is to play slots online.

2. Play only Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, or Ultimate Texas Holdem

These games are all important pieces of the entire “how to gamble smart” subject. Blackjack, craps, and baccarat don’t drain you as quickly as other games. Ultimate Texas Holdem can also be a good option. Video poker is a good option if you (1) can find a decent machine like 9/6 Jacks, or Better, and (2) you follow the correct strategy.

3. Make sure to have a proper strategy for whatever game you’re playing

learn how to gamble smart: having a good strategy is important

Let’s assume that you’re making the best plays. Your chances of losing are a lot bigger if you make poor bets and if you have a bad strategy. So, when learning how to gamble smart, you need to understand the importance of a proper strategy matched with the precise game you’re playing.

Craps requires no special strategy. You can only make the Pass Line bet and if you wish, the Odds bets.

Baccarat does not require any special strategy. However, don’t place on Ties.

When it comes to Blackjack, learning the basics strategy should have you good to go.

Video poker is the same. You will lose so much if you try to guess the strategy for video pokies that you may as well be playing slot machines.

4. Don’t play on the Strip

If you want to learn how to gamble smart you also need to know where and where not to play.

Among all casinos in Las Vegas, those on the strip have by far the worst odds and the highest minimums. You are basically three times more likely to lose on blackjack than at a local casino, and five times more on video poker.

The Orleans, Gold Coast, and Palace Station are all located near the strip and are more recommended. Although the odds of winning are better than those on the strip, downtown casinos offer better odds than local casinos.

While downtown casinos tend to be better than the strip, downtown casinos still have the worst blackjack odds in Vegas. These casinos include Golden Nugget and Fremont as well as Binion’s and Binion’s.

The minimum table limit is lower once you leave the strip. The Downtown Grand offers $1 blackjack and OYO near the Strip (currently 6/2021).

Although baccarat and craps have identical odds, strip casinos offer very high minimum table limits. You might find “digital craps” or “stadium blackjack” in some casinos. These games allow for lower minimum bets.

One exception to the rule against playing on the Strip is for high-rollers: High-limit rooms often offer decent 3:2 blackjack (much more than 6:5) and occasionally some decent video poker. High rollers will not care about the lower table minimums for craps or baccarat.

5. Figure out how much you can bet on each round

Another important lesson on how to gamble smart involves learning how much to bet on each round. If you bet more than you should, you might find yourself out of money very, very soon. So, make sure that you bet exactly the amount that you can. Not a penny more!

6. Bet less if you play table games online

Online table games are faster than those in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, they can be played more quickly online, which means greater losses. Online blackjack is a faster game than in a traditional land casino. You can play for lower stakes online. Online, you can bet 1/5 of what you would in a land-based casino. If you play online for longer hours than in a land-based casino, you can reduce the size of your bet. So, the sixth lesson on how to gamble smart is to bet less if you play table games online.

7. Play slowly and bet small

how to gamble smart: play slowly and bet small

The bigger you bet, the more money you’ll lose. Also, the faster you play the more you have to lose. Play slow and small. Playing at full tables is the best way to slow down and play. Playing with others is always fun.

8. Manage your bankroll: set up a daily loss limit

You can avoid losing too much by setting a daily limit on how much you are willing to lose each day. Then, when it is reached, quit playing. You’ll either find that too obvious or boring, or you will just be annoyed at me for trying to make it difficult. Even so, the truth is that if you set a limit on your loss and keep it within reason, you won’t get in over your head.

Maybe we should have put this lesson among the first ones. Want to learn how to gamble smart? Manage your bankroll like a pro!

9. Quit while you’re ahead

This is done by setting a maximum session win limit. You can choose a winning amount you are happy with, such as $50, $100, or $300. Stop playing if you are able to get ahead of the game, even if it is for a short time. You’ll likely give your winnings back if you continue to play.

You won’t just lose your winnings but you will also have lost the chance to feel like a winner for a while. So stop gambling and do anything else besides that. Whatever that is, you will feel like a winner while doing it. This beats feeling like a loser by far, which is exactly what you’ll feel like if you have to turn around and give the winnings back to the casino.

10. Bank your wins

how to gamble smart: bank your wins

If you reach your win goal, keep at least half of the money aside and don’t gamble. Let’s take, for example, $300 as your win goal. At some point, you will be ahead $300. Spend at least $150 and don’t gamble on this trip. These winnings will still be yours even if you lose the rest.

Set a new win target if you reach your win goal. You might be lucky enough to win multiple wins. By now you have already learnt how to gamble smart, so we’re sure that this lesson is quite obvious, right?

11. The player’s card is where it’s at!

Each casino has a Player’s Club Desk where you can sign up to get a Player’s Card. It’s always free. This is the best deal in Vegas for many reasons. You might think this is a bit childish (getting a card just like you get from a clothing store, right?), but learning how to gamble smart also means learning how to take advantage of every chance and opportunity you have.

Signing up can often result in a freebie, such as a hat or a deck with cards or valuable coupons.

Signing up for the card will give you mail offers for discounted or free rooms. Even if you don’t gamble at all.

You can also get free meals, tickets to shows, and hotel rooms if you gamble. So, again, how to gamble smart? Benefit from the freebies!

So, these are the top 11 tips and tricks that we can share with you if you want to learn how to gamble smart. Start small, start slow, and always remember to bet with your head and not over it!

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