Golf Betting on The Masters: 4 Valuable Tips for Making More Money

Golf betting is such a fun and amazing experience, but how do you make more cash from it? Keep reading to learn more.

We all hope to add some green to our wardrobes by Sunday evening with golf betting, but how many succeed? Why don’t more succeed? Well, there are a few things you should know in order to be in the first category of people.

This article will explain how you can increase your bankroll betting on the Masters.

Golf Betting Tip #1: Select a winner (but at the right price)

golf betting: select a winner

The best thing about betting on someone to win a tournament of golf is that the odds are always favorable.


The 2021 Masters Tournament’s best players with the best chance to win were Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson. Justin Thomas came in at +900. You won’t find a +900 favorite elsewhere.

Here’s the downside. It is extremely difficult to choose a winner in any tournament of golf, let alone the Masters. Many first-timers have won the jacket over the years. Since Tiger’s dominating run from the late 1990s to the early 2000s it is up for grabs every single year.

Let’s look at how to make the most out of picking a winner. If you are a keen golfer and know which mid-range-odds players might be good to ride with, I suggest “packaging” several golfers together.

When I refer to “packaging” your picks, it means betting on at least four or five options. Even if you choose the favorite, your wins will cover your losses if one of these hits.

You could actually pick 7 of your top favorites, and even if one of them won the title, it would still be a good profit.

There are many types of golf betting options, but choosing the winner is the easiest for beginners. Your golfer might be gone after day one. This means that you will have to spend your money somewhere else.

The winner may not be the most likely bet, but it is a good bet to bet small and play a few golfers.

Golf Betting Tip #2: Take a look at matchup bets

golf betting matchup bets

My personal favorite way to wager on golf is “matchup betting”. These bets are similar to the game of baseball because they revolve around the moneyline.

Matchup bets are a way to place two or more golfers in a “matchup”, at the sportsbook.

These players are often in the same group. However, it is not always so. After the matchups have been established, the winner is the player with the highest score in the group.

Here’s an example of how a matchup betting bet looks on a betting platform: Simpson/Smith, Smith -110, Smith-120 or Cantlay/Schauffele, Cantlay -120, Schauffele +1105.

Matchup betting requires you to look for bets that have higher values, even if it means placing your money on the underdog. Most sportsbooks will match golfers with similar skill levels and expect them to compete at an even level. Although it is unlikely you will find matchup bets that have a +400 offer, you might if you browse enough sportsbooks.

Matchup bets are a great way to enjoy a more entertaining viewing experience. In golf, there is no head-to-head element (especially in early rounds), which drives up interest. Matchup bets allow golf to appeal to a wider audience – to both golfers and non-golfers.

You may be able to pick up matchups that don’t reflect reality if you are an expert in the sport. The betting markets and the public bias of those less educated can offer opportunities for knowledgeable golf bettors.

Matchup bets are fun, no matter how much you know the sport. These bets can be a good option if you don’t want to spend money trying to pick the winner.

Golf Betting Tip #3: For better value, group betting is a good option


Group betting is a great way to increase the stakes and value of your matchup bets. Although they are similar to matchup betting, group bets involve groups of golfers and not a head-to–head matchup.

These groups can include 3, 4, 5, or 10 depending on the sportsbooks you use.

What is the benefit of a group wager over a traditional matchup?

The short answer to your question is…

Much better odds.

While matchup bets typically have odds between -120 to +120, group bets offer the chance to win a lot more. It is easier to pick the winner from a group of four to five golfers than to pick the winner accurately when there are only two.

Although it may vary depending on the number of players in a specific group, the average value for a five-player group is +300. The “underdog”, however, will be approximately +400.

These numbers will be the average for all other golfers in the group.

Remember that you can pick two of the five possible winners to hedge your bet.


You can make a good return on your investment if you choose two golfers with +350 odds. You also run the risk of losing twice as much. It all comes down to how risk-tolerant you are.

Golf Betting Tip #4: Check out the Prop Bets

Propping bets are the sweet spot in sports betting. Prop bets can be enjoyed by all sports gamblers, from the simple and predictable to the crazy “I can’t believe that they have odds on this” options.

There are many options when it comes to golf prop betting, but only a few are almost certain to be present in any given tournament.

For example:

There are no guarantees that someone will get a hole-in-one over the weekend.

Other options you might see include the over/under of the tournament’s lowest score, whether there will ever be a double-eagle or an elimination round.

While I wouldn’t advise you to build your entire betting strategy around prop bets I would recommend at least taking a few. Try a few long shots to see if you’re lucky.

Golf Betting Tips: Conclusion

Although betting on golf may not be something you have done in a while, there is no better event than The Masters to get your feet wet. Golf may seem slow to you, but it can be exciting if there is a financial stake and a rooting interest.

Make sure you do your homework and look into different betting options.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to make a profit and guarantees that you get entertainment value at the minimum.

As always, remember what we like to say: always bet with your head and not over it!

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