Betting on Preseason Football: 5 Tips for Impressive Winnings

If you’re looking for tips for betting on preseason football games, you found it. NFL exhibition football games are played in the off-season. They serve as preparation for the regular season.

These matches have no real effect on the outcome of the football seasons so they are often viewed as a way for players to get in shape.

But there’s more to it. It is possible to bet on NFL preseason games, making money just like you would on regular-season NFL games. So, if you want to know more about betting on preseason football games, you’ve come to the right place!

NFL betting – why bet on NFL preseason?

Learn all about preseason NFL betting

Preseason betting has the advantage that there are no sharp odds. They are unable to predict how a team will perform if there isn’t any pressure to win.  That said, most bookmakers will limit the amount you can bet on preseason games.

There is also late-breaking news about playing time and coach motivations which make it hard to track and update. Another advantage of preseason betting is that it grants familiarity with players and personnel.

Watching backups and second-string players will give you a much better barometer of how these players might impact the team if a starter goes down. Having a deeper understanding of the personnel and system of each team will help you later in the season with handicapping.

Success at NFL football preseason betting is all about soaking up as much information as possible.

Reading beat writers, watching the coaches’ press conferences, and keeping an eye on social media can give bettors an edge before new data is adjusted into the line.

So, want to be a pro when it comes to betting on preseason football? Let’s go through the best tips and strategies to bet on the NFL preseason.

5 Tips for Betting on Preseason Football

Want to know more about betting on preseason football? The Worldly Bettor has the information ready for you!

BETTING TIP #1: Understand the differences between preseason and regular season games

When betting on preseason football, not following the same line of thinking that applies to betting on the regular season is highly important. In fact, it might even be the number one tip.

The preseason is about factoring in playing time for starters versus reserves and getting inside coaches’ heads in terms of weekly motivation. This is when everybody seems to be testing the water, feeling the air, stretching their backs, and getting on track with everything. This means that you need to do the same.

First-year coaches may feel they have more to prove than more established coaches and may press harder to win games. Some rest their starters with even minor ailments while others are willing to let them play through injuries.

So, when betting on preseason football, understanding the differences between the two is very, very important.

BETTING TIP #2: Follow NFL preseason media outlets

Keeping up with local beat writers and watching press conferences may not be possible for some with regular day jobs and packed schedules, but it does help if you can make the time.

Following line movement and chasing steam is an excellent way to notch some profits when betting on preseason football. This way, you can beat the market without spending too much time following each team. You simply move with the flow and catch the wave, exactly like surfing the waves on a nice summer day.

BETTING TIP #3: Analyze NFL Coaches in preseason games

What would be a team without its coach? Betting on preseason football also means keeping a close eye on the coaches.

Coaching is important to consider when evaluating a coach’s or team’s intentions regarding the preseason.

It is not always the case that a new or first-year coach will look to push his players harder in the preseason to get his tenure started off on a strong note, but it’s certainly a more plausible scenario than veteran teams and coaches pushing their players harder.

Of course, preseason results have no correlation to regular season or Super Bowl success, but it’s just another way of getting information to consider when betting on the regular season.

BETTING TIP #4: Consider coaches’ philosophy during preseason games

Coaches trying to “install a culture of winning” or whatever that means, is something to consider when betting on preseason games.

Andy Reid, who has had a long coaching career with the Eagles and now the Chiefs, is probably the only coach that we can get a meaningful sample size under two different franchises.

Reid is a perennial winner in the regular season, but his sub .500, 36-40 record, during the preseason, shows that he’s not taking exhibition contests too seriously.

BETTING TIP #5: Prepare for each preseason game

Just as with everything else, you can’t expect great results without a little bit of work, which means that you need to prepare yourself for each preseason game.

Typically, in the first preseason game, no first-string team players or starters will participate. In the second game, they may play several drives or a quarter.

In the third preseason game, it’s not uncommon for the starters to play 2-3 quarters. In the final, or fourth preseason game, the starters almost never play a single snap.

Of course, these can vary depending on the coach, but this is the general way that preseason games play out regarding playing time for the starters.

Betting on preseason games means being ready for each game and having all the information at hand. It’s like going to school: you can’t present yourself without your homework and expect straight As and a muffin. Right? If there’s such a place kindly let me know as I would love to enroll!

But now back to more serious things, shall we?

Here’s an extra tip for betting on preseason football: you need to identify motivation because this is the fuel that drives a team towards winning. Although teams may not care as much for these preseason games there are still some moments where they can be motivated. This could be when a team loses their first game and plays a 1-0 team. Teams playing for a new coach and trying to set the tone.

No matter what philosophy you adopt when betting on preseason football, soak up as much information as you can as it will help you when the regular season gets here. Be prepared, feel the air, sense the spirits, get to know the coaches and the teams, and do your homework. I promise you won’t regret it!

As always, remember to bet with your head and not over it.

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