Better Golf Roster: 3 Valuable Tips to Know

Looking for better golf roster tips? Isn’t it amazing that nowadays we can get access to all the information we want in just a few clicks? That’s why we’re here: to tell you our top 3 tips for a better golf roster in just a few clicks.

Did you know that DFS offers a variety of contests for golfers? This might not seem like news if you are deeply involved in fantasy sports.

Even though I have been to many NFL and NBA contests, I didn’t know about the possibility of betting on golf. While it’s easy to participate in them, finishing high enough to win a contest requires planning and preparation.

It’s not difficult to learn the right things. This article will give you three tips that will help you have a better golf roster!

Better Golf Roster Tip No.1: Learn the preferences of the players

golf roster tip 1: learn the preferences of the players

The length and elevation of golf courses can vary greatly. Some courses are more suited to certain playing styles than others.


This is evidence that a player’s game might be suited for a particular layout. He is a specialist in “links”. Some other players who excel in links-style courses are Tony Finau and Jordan Spieth, as well as Adam Scott and Xander Schauffele. The real question is why they are so good at certain courses.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the reason that certain players excel on links-style courses, it is often down to iron accuracy (yes even more than distance). These players have been the most consistent regardless of their distance.


Links courses are not the only type to be aware of. Most golf experts suggest that there are six categories in which courses can be classified.

Here’s a quick description of the four most-popular players (the ones you’ll see on the PGA Tour) and a list of those who are better than average on each course type.


A true links course will usually be found in Europe. It is located in England or Ireland, and possibly Scotland.

Links courses are located close to the coast and have sandy soil beneath the grass. The links course is usually firm and can intimidate pot-bunkers. There are also a lot of trees which can make it vulnerable to wind gusts.

As mentioned before, Jordan Spieth and Tony Finau are the top link course players. Adam Scott is also a major player. Xander Schauffele is a secondary player.


Parkland courses are found inland, unlike links courses. You will find them filled with lush greenery, trees, and fairways. It is not surprising that they are expensive to play.

Augusta National is the most well-known parkland course.

Because there are so many tournaments on parkland courses, it is difficult to identify the top players. Play with the player who has been on a hot streak at recent DFS tournaments if you are playing on a parkland golf course.

Desert Course

Desert courses are not for the weak of the heart. These courses are characterized by green grass, fairways, tee boxes, and green. You’ll be in trouble if you go too far from these areas.

TPC Scottsdale is an example of a desert course.

Brooks Koepka’s performances at the venue in the past would suggest that he is a standout on desert courses.

Stadium Courses

A stadium course is a great option for fans who are able to attend an actual game. These courses were designed with the spectator in view and are packed with grandstands where they can fit.

TPC Sawgrass is frequently referred to as one of the best stadium courses.

TPC River Highlands has seen a rise in popularity over the years. Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson are two of the big names who have had success at tournaments at stadium courses. Other players, mainly big-named ones like Justin Thomas or Bryson DeChambeau, are always a good choice.


Of course, the type of golfer you choose is not the only factor to consider. It’s still something to consider when you are putting together a strategy.

So, ready for golf roster tip no.2? Here we go!

Better Golf Roster Tip No.2: Take a look at the odds

golf roster tip 2: look at the odds

You should consult Vegas before you begin drafting your golf roster. You’ll discover that the odds are not always equal to the prices players are paying on your preferred DFS site.


You must ensure that you do your own research. In many ways, however, sportsbooks take care of a lot of the heavy lifting. Although the final odds may change due to betting markets, you can still get an idea of the likelihood of a player winning by looking at the moneyline odds on a matchup bet, or the futures odds for remaining tournaments.

You may want to invest some money online, depending on how big your bankroll is. You can still protect yourself even if your team fails to show up.


It is difficult to find an impartial source of information on any topic. Vegas is known as a “truth serum”. They only care about making money, and that’s all they care about. You are missing out on valuable information that will help you find the right way.

Thanks for staying with us so far. Let’s now discover the last tip for a better golf roster!

Better Golf Roster Tip No.3: Do not follow the crowd

golf roster tip no 3: Do not follow the crowd

It’s not a good idea to say that you should be betting in a “contrarian”, especially when it comes to daily fantasy sports.

This simple advice is the biggest mistake made by players of all levels. If you don’t know what I mean, “Betting Contrarian” is betting that someone does something that an average player won’t do. For a better golf roster, this tip is very valuable!

This is especially true in golf, where players who aren’t typically top-tier can play a great round of golf. It also means that you can get them at an extremely steep discount on the salary cap.


Your cheapest player won’t put up the same numbers (or the highest three or four players) as your most costly player. If they do, it is an anomaly and you should not bet on it in order to win.

Because of the fact that the best place to bet on golf is for those who are contrarians, even the most obscure player can score higher than the greatest players in the game. This is the nature of golf (as any player can attest).

Sometimes you just have it. Other times (in truth, most of the time), there is no way to know.

You might have the chance to win the public’s favor by taking a chance with a lower-ranked player.

Now, let’s sum it all up and conclude the three tips for a better golf roster!

Better Golf Roster: Conclusion

As a long-time advocate of betting on golf, I believe it can make a game that may not be intrinsically thrilling a little more exciting.

You won’t want to wager on too many players, as there are no financial stakes.

If you are part of a DFS team in a tournament, this could change. Try playing DFS at the next major tournament if you aren’t convinced that golf is for you.

We truly hope that these 3 tips for a better golf roster helped you and we also want to remind you that if you have any questions, you know where to find us: through our contact page or in the comments section below!

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