Blackjack Insurance: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Blackjack insurance may be tempting if you are not well-informed. This is why we wrote this blackjack insurance guide, to help you understand the depths of it and make the right decision for yourself!

Driving an automobile requires insurance. It is required in most countries, including the United States. But, is it a good idea to have blackjack insurance?

Blackjack insurance in casinos may be unfamiliar to beginners. If players have been playing blackjack for a little while, then there’s a chance that they might be doing it wrong.

The dealer may ask players if they would like insurance in certain situations. Many players don’t know what blackjack insurance is.

Some players will accept insurance at their whim. It is obvious that the dealer wants to sell blackjack insurance at the table. We will discuss the house edge and blackjack insurance odds to clarify.
Blackjack dealers will also ask their players if they would like to place a side wager. The dealer might remind players if there is a side wager available.

However, we should all know that Blackjack side bets can be a scam. These side bets are not as appealing as they may seem. This is what you should do for blackjack insurance.

The dealer will not tell you whether the sucker bet was a risky move. A nice dealer might be able to tell you how you can play blackjack insurance.

We will explain to you what insurance in blackjack is and whether you should accept it from your dealer. It is better to be educated before you go to the blackjack tables.

Remember that online blackjack insurance is also available.

What is Insurance in Blackjack?

what is blackjack insurance

Blackjack insurance is not available for every hand. There is just one case in which blackjack insurance is offered to the players.

If the dealer has the potential to make a 21, players can take a stake in the insurance side bet. This only applies to the first two dealer cards.

Every player receives two cards to begin blackjack. Two cards are also given to the dealer. One dealer card is face-down and one is face-up.

Blackjack Insurance Rules: Does the dealer have an ace?

blackjack insurance: what if the dealer has an ace?

If the Ace is on the face-up card, the dealer will ask the players if they want insurance before they take a look at their face-down cards.

The dealer’s hole card is face-down and hidden from the players. If Ace is their face-up card, they will check with the dealer peeper for a blackjack.

An automatic blackjack will be given to the dealer if a face card is drawn (J, Q, or K). A 10 will complete a blackjack. A 12 will be given to the dealer if he draws another Ace.

Did the dealer check your hole card before you took insurance? This side bet is half of the original bet. If your original wager was $20.00 then your insurance bet is $10.00.

If the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, you will lose your insurance bet. Insurance will be paid at 2 to 1 if the dealer has a Blackjack.

If the player and dealer have a blackjack, players who did not purchase insurance will lose or push.

Blackjack Insurance: Should You Take it?

should you take blackjack insurance?

This is the main question about blackjack insurance. Now that we have answered the question of what blackjack insurance is, it is time for us to tell you if blackjack insurance is right for you.

These side and bonus bets are often made by players at the blackjack table. The house is happy to have players who are willing to improve their house edge.

The blackjack table is yours, so don’t give up on the chance to win by making poor moves. Side bets at blackjack tables should always be avoided.

To keep it short, gamblers should avoid blackjack insurance.

It doesn’t matter what your hand situation is. Blackjack insurance is not recommended for players with a 20 or 19 card. The math says to pass on this side bet.

Is there a situation where Blackjack insurance should be taken?

The player should consider insurance only in one case. However, this only applies to card counters. Insurance should be ignored by any gambler who plays on a whim or uses a basic blackjack strategy.

When should you bet on blackjack insurance if you are a card counter? You should only consider getting insurance if the True Count is greater than 3. This is the only case where insurance is recommended.

Blackjack Insurance (Even money) with a 21 down

Those players who have a blackjack may be offered even money. This is a similar side bet to insurance for blackjack. If the dealer has a Blackjack, the player who holds a blackjack will accept even money.

Keep in mind that if the dealer wins a blackjack, the player’s blackjack will be a push. If the dealer has a Blackjack, however, the profit would be made by taking the even money option.

Even money should be passed on if you have a blackjack. Why? For the same reasons as taking blackjack insurance. Neither the house edge nor the math work in the favor of the player with insurance and even money.

Blackjack Insurance House Edge

Let’s get into the math to see why insurance is a bad idea. This does not apply to card counters who have a True Count greater than +3. Most gamblers don’t card count or do it correctly.

One deck of cards includes 13 values and a card for each type (hearts spades, diamonds clubs, etc.) There are 13 cards: a 10, J. Q., K. A single-deck blackjack game will have 16 10s Js, Qs, and Ks. Two Aces are not considered a blackjack so the Ace is not used as a hole card.

The house edge in single-deck blackjack games would be 5.8% if you took the insurance side bet on a whim or used a basic strategy. However, most online casinos use an eight-deck shoe.

In an eight-deck blackjack game, taking insurance increases the house edge to 7.5%

Keep this in mind when you are playing online blackjack. It is almost impossible to count cards online correctly, so it is futile to try to establish a True Count greater than 3.

Don’t accept the Blackjack dealer’s offer

blackjack insurance don't accept the dealer's offer

When the dealer asks you if insurance is desired, it might seem convincing. The blackjack insurance might be accepted by others at the table. But, don’t be too eager to accept insurance.

It is common to follow the crowd mentality and feel pressured by your peers at the blackjack tables. You should do what’s best for you, not what others believe is the right decision. You can inform your friend if someone is considering taking out insurance.

There is no peer pressure from dealers online or other players. You can play at your own speed and don’t have to listen to or follow any other players. These blackjack tips should help you become a better blackjack player for your next session.

And, as always, remember to bet with your head and not over it!

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