Christmas Gambling Games Perfect For The Holiday Season

What do you think of a slightly different Christmas activity for the family this year? Instead of small talk and silent moments, why not propose that the entire family play Christmas gambling games together?

It can be fun to play Christmas gambling games, and many families make it a family tradition. The experience will be even more intense if you add the Christmas gambling element. It doesn’t have to be a high-roller gambling adventure when we refer to Christmas gambling games.

It is not the goal to spend all of grandma’s money on Christmas. Even if it’s for quarters and dimes, putting a little money on the line can make the games more fun for all involved. In the living room, it’s all about increasing the level of competition.

How many times have fantasy football leagues enticed you but there are no prizes? These leagues are often obsolete before the playoffs start. This is also true for playing poker without money.

To keep your family entertained, you can make Christmas gambling games more fun by investing some cash. Any type of game can be made into a Christmas gambling opportunity.

It is a great way to play Christmas gambling with your family. This does not mean that you should set up roulette and blackjack tables at Christmas.

You can certainly do that. However, these Christmas gambling games are easy to learn and suitable for all ages. Traditional gambling games are not for everyone. Christmas-themed gambling is something you can do with your family and friends.

Let’s play the best Christmas gambling games with our friends and family. Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. This should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Christmas Gambling Games

christmas gambling games to play with your family

We will be discussing a range of Christmas gambling games. At least one should appeal to everyone. Some people might prefer games that require physical exertion. Simpler games that don’t require moving might be better.

Before you start thinking about your Christmas game players’ mobility and how your house looks before you begin to put together ideas. It is important not to make anyone feel excluded or disadvantageous.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

christmas gambling games scavenger hunt

Everybody loves a good scavenger hunt. This is a good opportunity to either pass it on to someone else or let them sit out.

My family loved Easter scavenger hunts. Although Christmas scavenger hunting was not as popular, it is a great option for Christmas gatherings.

You want to make sure that your family is competitive. Nobody wants to be in the ER with stitches after a cut on the coffee table, or a concussion at Christmas.

One or two volunteers will be needed to hide the treats and objects. You could use different Christmas ornaments, especially if you are trying to assign different values. You have two options for Christmas scavenger hunting.

You can pool your money together

This is the easiest Christmas scavenger-hunting format. Ask for a participation fee. The pot is won by the person who collects the most items.

You can also assign monetary prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. It all depends on how many people participate in the scavenger hunt.

Assign a monetary value to each item

This works by stating that each item hidden will have a value. You can choose to pay a dollar, two dollars, five bucks, or more. Higher rewards are awarded for items that are more difficult to find.

This adds strategy to the game. Are you more interested in the easy wins or the bigger prizes? This scavenger hunt is best done with colored ornaments.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Relay

christmas gambling games gift wrapping

This Christmas gambling game can be played at a Christmas party. Unwrapped gifts are unlikely to be brought to the Christmas party by your family.

This game can be saved for Christmas parties. You can play this game at Christmas parties if you want.

The Christmas gift-wrapping relay requires at least three people to participate. Each member of the team will be able to wrap one gift at a given time.

Once one gift has been wrapped, the next member of your team can take over until everyone is done. It is possible to play with a timer or set a limit on the number of gifts that you wrap.

It is important to establish rules. How neat should the wrapping be? You should not count unfinished or sloppy gifts.

Every participant must pay a buy-in fee for the game. The winning team will receive their entry fee and get their money back.

If there is a tie, two members of the team can play a head-to-head tiebreaker. You must have Christmas wrapping paper, scissors, and tape available for play.

Candy Cane Catch

Candy cane catch is a fun and addictive Christmas gambling game that involves candy, string, or Christmas tinsel, as well as two chairs.

For bragging rights and cash, players will compete head-to-head for the chance to drop as many candy canes on the twine.

The twine is attached from one chair to another. You should leave a good distance between the chairs. Each player will be seated on a chair that is opposite the other.

You must successfully toss or drop the candy canes on the twine. You may be limited to a few seconds. The prize will go to the person who hooks the most candy canes.

Another way to test your skill is to hook five candy canes with the twine fastest. The money of the winner is yours.

Stocking Pong for Christmas

You may have played beer pong, a popular party game. Beer pong is a popular party game, at least in college.

However, this Christmas gambling game is different; this is beer pong with Christmas stockings. Two Christmas stockings are all you need, but multiple stockings will give you points for being more difficult.

Hang the stockings in the way you want. You can hang them from a fireplace, chair, or table. For more difficult shots, you can get more points but this is not necessary.

The contest’s goal is to get as many ping-pong balls in the stockings as possible. These shots are worth more if there are bonus points.

Eggnog Pong

You can also play classic beer pong with eggnog. This game is great for lovers of eggnog, which is a controversial holiday treat.

To play eggnog pong, you will need at least 12 red solo cups. On either side of the table, six cups must be placed. You will also need a long enough table to accommodate beer pong.

You can play the eggnog-pong game with a partner, or alone. This Christmas gambling game offers a chance for you to win some cash at your Christmas party.

Name That Christmas Song/Carol

christmas gambling songs christmas carols

Do you like Christmas music? This holiday gambling game is for you.

This is my favorite Christmas gambling game. This is a fast-paced, high-stakes game that can see a lot of money change hands. Make sure you have your money ready for each round if you plan on betting.

You need a volunteer to be your Christmas DJ. They will be responsible for choosing and playing each song.

The pot is won by the first person who correctly guesses the song’s name. You can bet on every song like you would at a casino table, or enter a contest to see who is the best.

This is a great game that doesn’t require any physical activity. To win, everyone must be alert and quick. It will help you to be a better musician, especially if you start listening to Christmas music too early.

A twist on the rules: Anyone who guesses incorrectly must pay an additional fee to the pot. Your party can set the rules, but they are entirely up to you.

Play Christmas-themed slots

christmas gambling games

Are you looking to enjoy casino-style Christmas gambling games? Give Christmas-themed online slots a try.

Slot machines aren’t just for one player. You can have a slot pulled from your living room. Everybody can play in a pool, and everyone can share the winnings.

You can play the slots on your television so that everyone can take part. Every gambler who contributed to the pool has a chance to have their turn at pressing the button.

Christmas is not just for NFL (and NBA) betting

Christmas Day is dominated by the NBA in sports betting. There are NFL games on Christmas Day 2022 because it falls on a weekend. This is the most popular Christmas sports betting day in a long time.

Interactive gambling games can be enjoyed with your family. For a fun and rewarding gambling experience, connect with your family and friends.

You don’t have to blame a player for a lost pass or missed free throw. Instead, you can only be responsible for these Christmas gambling losses.

These Christmas gambling games are fun, easy to enjoy at home, and will, for sure, make your family time more fun! However, always remember to bet with your head and not over it!

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