Fandom Sports Launches Peer-To-Peer Esports Wagering Platform

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Fandom Sports has launched its peer-to-peer eSports wagering platform, the company announced last Wednesday.

The technology company, which is based in the province of British Columbia in Canada and enables users to watch/play eSports and predict/bet outcomes, is now offering fully integrated payment solutions to facilitate player-to-player wagering on eSports, with plans for sports and other iGaming offerings to be deployed in the first quarter of 2022.

The platform, which operates on both Android and iOS mobile devices, has both a wagering model for users 18 years or older and a separate all-ages predictions model that focuses on digital rewards for users like skins, avatars, tickets, and other promotional material.

Fandom Sports has a Curacao iGaming Wagering License and is in the process of getting licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority. The company joined the Canadian Gaming Association, a national trade association that represents leading operators and suppliers in Canada’s gaming, sports betting, eSports, and lottery industries, in May of 2021, and completed its all-ages sports predictions modules for NBA, NHL, MLB, and NASCAR in September. Fandom Sports will be launching beta versions of the sports prediction and wagering platform once a sports data provider contract is finalized and certain internal compliance/risk management procedures are reviewed.

“The recent legalization of single-event wagering in Canada and the growing footprint in the United States of state-by-state regulation drives the need for Fandom Sports to be able to expand its technological capabilities to address what is estimated to be a $14-billion CAD industry in Canada and a $203-billion USD global industry, according to Statista for 2020,” CEO and President David Vinokurov said in a September 2021 release.

Timeline for platform

The company’s all-ages sports, eSports prediction, and fan engagement platform is projected for completion early in 2022. Fandom’s platform also allows users to watch, wager, and mint NFTs all at once.

“Given that the platform as of launch has been purpose-built from scratch since fall of 2020, I am pleased with the corporate progress and development road map to date,” Vinokurov said in the release. “Furthermore, with the steady flow of product rollouts and additional potential partnerships on the horizon, I’m confident that 2022 will be a transformational year for value creation and an even more fruitful one than this past year.”

In a 2021 presentation, Fandom Sports said video games are now a $180 billion industry, with over 2.2 billion gamers worldwide. The 2019 League of Legends World Championships drew an audience of roughly 137 million viewers from around the globe, almost 40 million more than the Super Bowl that year.

Fandom Sports’ goal is to target “superfans” of eSports teams and titles, and challenge them to play, predict, and engage, revolutionizing how consumers interact with streamed content. Fans can watch one or more of their preferred eSports events at a time using the company’s proprietary multicast capability.

The post Fandom Sports Launches Peer-To-Peer Esports Wagering Platform appeared first on SportsHandle.