Free Throw Made But Not Counted In NCAA Basketball Game Affects Betting Outcome

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Caesars has become the first sportsbook to officially comment on the disputed score in Sunday’s NCAA basketball game between Illinois State and Chicago State, and its answer to the issue is simple: Everyone gets paid.

“The final score in Saturday’s Chicago State vs Illinois State College Basketball Game was incorrectly listed as 80-71 Illinois State, when it should have been 81-71,” Caesars stated Monday afternoon. “With the spread at Caesars Sportsbook listed at 9.5, we have decided to pay out both outcomes.”

Illinois State defeated Chicago State by a reported score of 80-71. The problem, as laid out in the statement from Caesars: It is abundantly clear that the final score was incorrect, and that Illinois State actually won the game 81-71. 

The bigger problem? Depending on the sportsbook and when the bet was placed, Illinois State was either a 10- or 9.5-point favorite. 

This fact was brought to the attention of the sports betting industry late Sunday night, when pro bettor Captain Jack Andrews (a nom de plume) posted a series of tweets showing just what, exactly, happened.

In a nutshell: Josiah Strong of Illinois State was at the free throw line in a 75-67 game. He sank the first free throw, making the score 76-67, and the scoreboard showed the correct score. But then he made the second free throw, and … the scoreboard stayed the same.

Furthermore, the official play-by-play data has Strong missing the first free throw.

No comment from NCAA yet

Genius Sports — the official data provider for NCAA basketball — issued a statement Monday morning stating that — in short — it ain’t them, babe.

“Genius Sports is the technology provider to the NCAA that facilitates the collection of official data by NCAA Schools on their games,” a Genius spokesperson told Sports Handle. “Genius Sports does not determine the official game score which is decided by the game referee.”

The NCAA had not returned requests for comment from Sports Handle as of late Monday afternoon. 

One person who has commented, however, is Strong, in a direct message chat that was forwarded to Andrews.

“Hi Josiah,” wrote an unnamed Twitter user. “Weirdo question for ya. Did they wave off one of your free throws at the end of the game last evening? Asking for a friend.”

Strong’s response: “No they did not! Box score was incorrect.”

After the game ended, sportsbooks graded all the action, apparently without knowledge of what happened with the free throw.

ESPN’s David Purdum reported midday Monday that the Chicago State athletic department was in the process of working with the NCAA to correct the error.

Troubles all game

Jim Benson, a reporter for The Pantagraph in Bloomington, Ill., was covering the game and told Sports Handle there were scoring issues throughout the affair.

“There was confusion on stat crew and scoreboard operator the whole game,” he said via Twitter message. “At one point in 2nd half, Strong had made six 3s and on Live Stats he had 4 pts. Chicago State also was credited for 3-pointer that was a 2 (I’ve seen the replay. No official had their hands in air).

As for the free throw?

“On Strong’s free throw at end, I was getting my story ready,” Benson said. “I didn’t see him shoot 1st FT. Looked up to see him make 2nd and saw 1 more point for ISU on scoreboard. I assumed missed 1st FT. I’ve seen replay where he made both.”

The post Free Throw Made But Not Counted In NCAA Basketball Game Affects Betting Outcome appeared first on SportsHandle.