Pai Gow Poker Online: 5 Valuable Tips on How to Play and Win

New poker-based games, including derivatives of poker, are enjoying a moment in the spotlight. In the past, a table game pit would be filled mostly with blackjack, craps, and roulette. But, today, we see games such as 3 Card Poker and High Card Flush taking over.

Pai Gow Poker, the poker-based casino game that gave rise to all poker derivatives today, is where they got their start!

Pai Gow has been a standard in casinos for many generations. With the popularity of poker-based games, many people are trying the game out for the first time. Problem is, many new players are realizing the importance of strategy and the lack of resources to help them play well.

We at The Worldly Bettor are here to help you win when you play Pai Gow Poker online. Let’s get started with The Worldly Bettor’s top 5 tips to play Pai Gow Poker online.

Tips to Play Pai Gow Poker Online

how to play pai gow poker online

You can now play Pai Gow Poker online! Pai Gow Poker online offers the same excitement and potential jackpot payouts that the brick-and-mortar version. It also speeds up what can sometimes seem like a slow pace of play.

Your bottom hand must beat your top hand

Online Pai Gow is not governed by a dealer. This means you will have a difficult time setting your hand correctly before you start playing.

There is only one rule when it comes to setting up your Pai Gow hand. Your bottom hand must beat your top hand.

Your hand will be deemed foul if your top hand is higher than your bottom hand. Always make sure you do a final check before you set your hand. This will ensure you haven’t missed anything or that you don’t accidentally foul your hand. This will be covered in more detail later. But, just know that the casino will penalize you if your hand is not set correctly.

How to Set a Pai Gow

How to Set a Pai Gow poker

Although I don’t know why Pai Gow poker was named after the worst hand you could make: a Pai Gow. Pai Gow refers to when you don’t have any pairs, straights, or flushes or three or four of a kind. A Pai Gow is basically when you have nothing.

As you don’t want your hand to get fouled, we have already discussed how to be cautious when setting your hand. You can do this easily with a Pai Gow because you only need to play your highest card at the bottom and your two highest cards at the top.

Pai Gow can make it difficult to win since it is a very bad hand. However, you should set it correctly to give yourself at least a chance of winning or pushing. It will be amazing how many times you can survive with a Pai Gow. However, it all starts with setting your Pai Gow correctly.

How to Use The Joker

how to use the joker in pai gow poker game

A joker is rare in casino games. If you’ve ever played kitchen table poker, you probably know what a joker is. However, a joker at Pai Gow is not the same as one at your favorite home poker site.

Online Pai Gow is not allowed to use the joker except for straights, flushes, and aces.

The joker doesn’t have the same wild potential as a normal poker game. You can’t use the joker if you have trip 3, but you can make quad 3s with it. If you have four cards that lead to a straight or flush, the joker can be used to complete your hand. The best thing about Pai Gow’s joker is that you get the same bonus regardless of whether you use it or not.

Keep your small pairs together

Pai Gow online is a game where you can get multiple pairs of cards because you are dealt 7 cards. You will often want to split your pairs if you have more than one pair.

This strategy is most often correct. You want to maximize your chances of winning both hands. If your pairs are under 6s, you shouldn’t split them.

You will want to keep your small pairs together on the bottom hand if you have multiple small pairs. It is not easy to win both hands because your top hand will be weaker.

You have to strike a balance between winning and losing. You can protect your bet by keeping your small pairs together. This strategy is what you should use when playing Pai Gow online.

You Don’t Have to Worry about the Bonus

pai gow poker bonus

Pai Gow is full of quirky quirks, as you probably already know. Another one of these quirks is this final Pai Gow tip. You still get paid for the Fortune Bonus, even though you split it up and put your hand down without a bonus.

Let’s suppose you have a flush but also have a pair with aces or kings. Splitting your big pairs will give you the best chance of winning both hands and winning the main bet.

Don’t worry, though, even if your flush is split to play your pairs, you still get your Fortune Bonus payout.

This is also true if you have three or four aces. To increase your chances of winning both hands and getting paid, you’ll want to play one or more of the aces above. The best Pai Gow advice I can offer you regarding bonus hands is to simply play your hand to win and not worry about the bonus. You will get it regardless of how you set it.

Pai Gow Poker: Conclusion

Online Pai Gow is a great option. You can play faster and there are often life-changing prizes online. However, do remember to always bet with your head and not over it!

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