PLL Betting Guide: Be the First to Learn How it Works

Welcome, dear reader! I assume you’re here to learn more about PLL betting, isn’t it? Well, I’m glad to hear that because me and my team got you covered! Keep reading and learn everything you need to know in order to actually make some money when betting on lacrosse.

While not everyone is familiar with how sports betting works, there are some things you should know if your goal is to place a bet on the PLL Championship Series.

Before we get into the types of bets, we must establish ground rules and determine how to make money with bets. The odds of an event occurring are the basis of the bet’s probability or likelihood. The oddsmakers believe that it is less likely for something to happen. If you win, you will make more money.

So, without any other extra words, here are all the things that you need to know about PLL betting:

PLL Betting: Futures Bets

pll betting: everything about future bets

On June 25, the PLL published its PLL Championship futures odds. The Whipsnakes were the favorite to win the Championship Series at 3/1 odds. What does that all mean?

Futures bets can be placed on events that will occur in the near future. These types of bets are usually placed on events such as who will win the league championship. Simply put, the lower the likelihood of something happening, the higher your odds are and the more you will make.

Although it may seem difficult to figure out how much you will make on futures betting, the formula is simple. Consider the 3/1 odds of Whips winning. If the Whipsnakes win, $3 will be returned for every $1 that you wager. If you placed $10 on the Whipsnakes winning the championship, you will receive $30 in addition to your $10 original wager.

Future odds will be displayed in the “+” format. The Waterdogs were +1000 before the series, meaning they had 10/1 odds. You can win $1000 for every $100 bet.

Remember that odds can change. Chaos LC was the second-best bet to win the PLL Championship Series at 4/1 or +400. Their odds of winning the championship are now at +1000 after a 0-2 start. However, this is a high-reward, low-risk bet for those who believe they can win.

PLL Betting: Straight Bet

Straight bets can be placed on one game. They can be broken down into one or more of the following categories: totals, money line, spread, or point spread. A money line is a straightforward bet on who will win. The odds of the underdog will be marked with a (+) sign next to it. While the favorite will have a minus (-). sign next to it. What does this mean for the amount of money that you can make from a money-line bet? You will make more money betting on the underdog than you will on the favorite.

PLL Betting: Point Spread

pll betting: point spread

Point spreads can be another type of straight wager you can make. They are broken down into the final game’s point differential. Redwoods LC and Atlas LC are currently matched up in Saturday’s Redwoods LC vs Atlas LC matchup. Atlas (+1.5) is the underdog and Redwoods (-1.5). To cover the spread, you must place a bet on Redwoods to win. If the Atlas loses by one or wins, the spread isn’t covered and you wouldn’t have won a wager on the Redwoods.

PLL Betting: Total

Totals bets refer to the total number of points that will be scored during the game. Your wager would be on the combination of the teams scoring more (over) or less (under) than the specified number. The current over/under for the Redwoods-Atlas match is 21.5 If the final score is 12-10, that’s 22 goals. This means you will win if you place a bet on the under. If the total score is less than 22, it will hit the “under”, and you will lose. Only one of the nine games in the PLL that were played at the time this article was written has reached the over.

PLL Betting: Parlay

You’ll also see parlay bets mentioned. Parlay bets combine multiple bets into one. You lose all your money if one of the multiple bets fails to hit. If you place the Whipsnakes moneyline on the Archers, with the Whipsnakes covering the spread but not the spread, you will lose all your money. Parlays offer the possibility to win more money by placing multiple correct bets.

PLL Betting: Prop Bets

pll betting: prop bets

Prop bets are the final stop. These bets are one-offs and are based on more specific questions such as “How many goals Ryan Drenner scores during the Waterdogs match against Chaos LC?” An over-under bet with a number like 2.5 will be placed. Another type of prop betting is “Who scores the first goal in the playoffs?” This type of prop betting will usually give you options that list two players but leave one for the field. A prop bet on who will score the first goal of the playoffs could offer you Matt Rambo, any faceoff athlete, or any other player. Based on their likelihood, each of these four options would have different odds.

So, PLL betting should be quite easy for you know, right? As always, remember to bet with your head and not over it!

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