Same-Game Parlay Rules On Voided Legs Vary Across Sportsbooks

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Running back Zach Moss was a healthy inactive for the Buffalo Bills Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

And his non-appearance in the game showed a bit of an unhealthy side to the same-game parlay rules used by DraftKings — and, as it turns out, a good number of other sportsbooks

In a tweet, @ray_levay13 showed his nine-leg same game parlay at +1100 odds, and it was a beaut, hitting on eight of the nine legs. As for the ninth leg? It was the under prop on Moss’ rushing yards. Moss was inactive, and so that portion of the bet was rightfully voided. Made sense to Levay, as it does to us.

What doesn’t make as much sense, however, is what happened to the rest of the bet: It was entirely voided.

A look at DraftKings’ rules concerning same-game parlays confirmed this was, indeed, the way it previously declared it would grade such situations.

In the event a Same Game Parlay contains no losing selections, but a selection is settled as void, then the whole Same Game Parlay will be settled as void,” the rules read.

Incredibly, the rule as written also leaves open the possibility that if one of the legs is voided — and another leg loses — then the bet would be graded as a loss.

A source within DraftKings told Sports Handle, however, that if one leg of a same-game parlay is voided, the bet is refunded regardless of other outcomes.

“While it’s not great we refund/void losing SGPs if one leg is void, it’s not just winning ones,” the source said. “And we actually refund more losing SGPs as a result of a void leg than we are winning.”

Some do, some don’t

The way DraftKings grades such single-game parlays is different from its No. 1 competitor, FanDuel.

In FanDuel’s case, if a leg is voided, the odds are simply recalculated — like they would be for any other parlay.

Actual winning SGP on Nov. 25, 2021

FanDuel appears to be in the minority, with one exception among the major online books, when it comes to this seemingly common-sense way to grade single-game parlays.

Barstool, while not explicitly discussing its Parlay+ same-game parlay feature in its house rules, notes: “A bet made as a parlay or accumulative bet shall remain valid with recalculated odds notwithstanding a match or an event which is part of the parlay/accumulative bet being void.”

But that’s seemingly it.

At BetMGM, the “One Game Parlay” rules state simply: “If a pick within a One Game Parlay is cancelled, then the entire One Game Parlay will be cancelled.”

BetRivers/SugarHouse does the same thing: “If a leg of the parlay voids the entire Same Game Parlay voids and returns to your balance.”

Caesars: “If any leg of the Same-Game Parlay bet is made void or settles as a push, then the whole bet would become a void or a push.” 

Moral here: It’s not just fugazi odds that would-be same-game parlay players must navigate. It’s also wildly different rules for settlement.

The post Same-Game Parlay Rules On Voided Legs Vary Across Sportsbooks appeared first on SportsHandle.