Soccer Betting: Which are the Most Popular Specials and Props?

Soccer betting is a big thing and we absolutely love it here at The Worldly Bettor! You’re in it as well? That’s great because we have a lot to talk about!

Getting into soccer betting is not hard: you can bet on clubs to win and everybody knows this! We recommend betting on soccer prop bets and we are going to tell you all about it.

There are many soccer prop bets available for wagering, which is very advantageous for sports bettors. Oddsmakers can’t even keep up and have sharp odds for all the soccer props out there!

The soccer totals and moneylines are sharper than ever. However, there is still value in betting on soccer props. We recommend doing your research before placing any bets.

Here are the top soccer props you can bet online. These prop bets are worth looking at before you place your regular bets.

Soccer Betting: What are Soccer Props?

You’re probably here because you want to know more about soccer props. This page was created to help you do just that. Let’s begin with the most basic question: What are soccer props?

Prop bets in soccer are short for propositions. They involve wagering on the outcome of a game. This may not make sense, but it will once we look at the various types of soccer props.

Soccer prop bets let players bet on specific events during the match, instead of betting on the final score or the match’s outcome. You can bet on the total number of goals, each goal, who scored them, corner goals, etc.

These soccer specials are available only at certain online sportsbooks. Each sportsbook may not have hundreds of soccer props.

Soccer Betting: Tips for Betting on Soccer Prop Bets

soccer betting props and specials

The most popular ones are pretty straightforward. The prop bet will indicate even what you are betting on to happen in the game. How can you determine which props to place?

It is important to observe matches. It is crucial to be aware of the club’s current style and form. The manager’s recent game plans can tell a lot about the future.

Soccer prop bets are more than just stat box watching.

What does the game actually mean? There are league play, international competitions, friendlies, and international competitions. It is crucial to understand the current situation of the soccer teams you want to bet on in order to make the right prop bets.

It can even be worthwhile to research the officials involved in the match. There are officials who call more yellow cards than others. This information can be crucial because there are prop bets on cards.


These prop bets don’t work as well as informed judgment predictions. For example, there are player-specific specials that ask you to predict the time of a goal, who will score it, and even the goalscoring distance. These soccer specials are mostly a lottery. They are not good for the long term. Don’t get too excited about your soccer prop bets.

You can choose your top soccer props. You don’t have to wager the entire prop board. This is what the betting sites would prefer you to do. It is easy to lose your sports betting account by betting on random props. Do your research before you bet on special soccer matches. Be patient.

A bet should only be placed if you feel confident and have found the best value. With the right knowledge, props can be exploited to great effect.

Also, it is important to do a lot of stat-crawling. Profitable betting can be easy through the Over-Under for goals, the number of yellow cards, and even halftime bets.

Most Popular Soccer Props in Soccer Betting

soccer betting props

If you want to get into soccer betting you will be pleased to know that at the best online sportsbooks, you will find many options for soccer props betting. This is the case if you play at one of our top soccer betting sites. Make sure that you have the right prop bets before making a deposit.

We recommend that you have accounts at several online sportsbooks. We promise that there will be plenty of soccer props if you choose a few of the recommended soccer betting sites.

Soccer Prop Bets (Long Term Soccer Props).

These soccer props can be used throughout the season. These long-term soccer props are available at most online betting sites. They are attractive because volatility is lower than game props.

Golden Boot (Top Goalscorer)

This is the most popular prop bet for soccer. The Golden Boot goes to the Premier League player who scored the most goals.

For elite soccer leagues, the top goalscorer prop wager can be made. This prop bet is appealing because of its simplicity and the amount of research involved. Soccer betting is fun with this type of wagering, isn’t it?

Player Award

The Player of the Year award is an annual honor that recognizes the best player. There will always be a prop wager for Player of the Year in elite soccer leagues.

This is another prop bet on soccer that can be researched thoroughly, like the Golden Boot. The Player of the Year award is an educated bet.

Ball D’or

Although the Ballon D’or award is for Player of the Year, it is more than a league award. This award is given to the top male soccer player in the entire world.

The Ballon D’or prop wager takes into account multiple leagues and is not like Player of the Year. The ultimate achievement for any player is winning the Ballon D’or.

Manager of the Year

Do you feel confident about who will be the best manager? Each season has a Manager of The Year. This is another popular long-term option for sports betting.

First Manager Fired

You can also bet on the manager who is the least experienced. There will always be managers who are on the hot seat during a season. Can you predict who will be the first to be fired? Then you’re ready to take soccer betting to the next level.

Group Winner

There are good odds that a particular event will feature a group stage. This type of bet is available on most soccer betting websites. This prop bet is team-based and not individual.

It’s as easy as it gets. You only have to place a bet on the team you think will win the group. The group stage and the rest of the tournament don’t count toward the bet.

To Reach The Playoffs

The soccer prop bet also considers the group stage results. Instead of betting on group winners, this prop bet will focus on teams that advance into the knockout stage.

The group stages will be dominated by the top two positions in the group.

To Reach the Finals

The prop bet on the finalists takes into consideration the teams that will play in the final match. It doesn’t matter who is the winner. Your prop bet will pay if your club makes it to the finals.

Correctly selecting the finalist will result in a better reward than a prop for a playoff appearance. You will get a higher payout, as the odds are better.

Outright Winner

This prop bet, which is the winner of the entire elite soccer league, is very popular. This one is simple: predict the winning team for the season championship. Soccer betting made fun, right?

Tournaments also allow for outright winner prop bets. The World Cup is the most well-known tournament for outright winning soccer prop betting.

Soccer Prop Bets (Short-Term Soccer Props)

In soccer betting, these prop bets can be decided in just one game. These are shorter than the long-running props and take 90 minutes plus additional time.

There are many game props available for soccer. We will highlight the most popular short-term soccer props.

The first team to score/Will they score/Player to score

It is easy to find the first team that scores props. This is easy to understand. What team will score the first goal? The third option for these props is neither team scores a goal.

There are also prop bets on soccer that ask for the next and last team to score. Live wagering is required to place the prop wager on the next team to score.

You can also bet on players scoring goals. This is the most common player prop bet in a match.

Time of First Goal

What time will the match’s first goal be scored? These soccer props are very valuable. These props can also be bought for large sums of money, sometimes even at very high prices.

Online betting sites allow you to place bets for a period of 15 minutes, such as between the 15th, 30th, and 45th minutes, or the 60th minute.

The odds of scoring goals can vary greatly from one period to the next. This is largely due to the attacking abilities of both teams and the times they score the most.

You can also make this bet based on the time of the previous goal. You are now cheering for your last goal to fall within the time frame you have chosen.

Half with Most Goals

Soccer betting fans, here’s a cool one!

If there are teams that play better after the half, this is a good prop wager. Some teams start slowly, while others fly out the gate. This can be a great prop bet if you keep your fingers on the pulse of recent clubs.

This is a popular prop bet for recreational soccer players, but it is still a great bet for more experienced soccer gamblers. It can be profitable to follow certain teams and study their goalscoring patterns.

Total Corners

The total corners soccer prop simply takes into consideration all corners of the match. It doesn’t matter what the final score is or how many clubs were produced. It doesn’t matter how many corners are taken in a match.

The total corners prop, also known as an Over Under prop, asks bettors whether there will be more goals or fewer than a certain number. Our job is to accurately predict whether there will be Over and Under total corners.

This prop bet is very easy to manipulate in low-level soccer matches and it is exactly why we stay away if it is not in an elite international or league match.

Soccer betting wouldn’t be the same without this type of bet!

Total Yellow Cards and Red Cards

Another Over Under-based prop wager. What number of cards will there be at the match? Although it might sound like a random prop for soccer, we don’t see it that way.

Remember that some officials charge more cards than others. There are also officials who don’t like to pull the cards and allow the players to play. These statistics can be found online and are easily accessible.

Penalty to be awarded/Will a Penalty be scored-missed

Could there be such a thing as soccer betting without penalties? Of course not!

Is there going to be a penalty kick awarded? If so, you will win if you bet on yes. If you don’t see the teams being as aggressive, betting on the opposite side is probably better.

This seems like another random 50-50 prop. However, knowing the defensive situations of the clubs and how aggressive they are can help you make an informed decision.

What number of dangerous scoring opportunities is the defense allowing them? Do they have a tendency to commit fouls in penalty boxes? All of these statistics can be very useful.

Halftime & Fulltime Props

There are some notable bets on the most popular soccer props that are based on full-time and halftime scores. Although their bets are similar, they have very different outcomes.

Let’s begin with halftime and full-time betting. These props let bettors choose from three outcomes: home win, away win, or draw. This soccer prop does not only take full-time results into consideration but also half-time results.

This means that if you wager a home win and your team leads into the halftime break, you have won your bet. You can also place half-time or full-time bets. Halftime/full-time bets allow you to correctly guess both outcomes.

Correctly guessing the halftime results and the outcome after the final whistle is required. For example, you could bet 1/x on the home team leading at halftime, but giving in to pressure later and ending up with a draw. You can also bet 2/1 if the away team is expected to surprise the home crowd at half-time but lose in the second.

Depending on the bet, the odds of winning can vary from +200 to +2000. The most likely scenario is one in which the losing team in halftime makes a comeback and wins the match.

These comebacks, while difficult to predict, can yield huge profits if they are right.

Sports Betting Specials and Props: Conclusion

soccer betting conclusion

Specials on soccer betting are well worth the time. Prop bets on soccer can be one of the most lucrative aspects of betting on this sport.

Experts in soccer betting do more than just place the usual wagers. To gain an edge, they expand their horizons by looking at every aspect of a match. Online sportsbooks offer the possibility to place a wager on the game using props.

Remember what we say: always bet with your head and not over it!

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