The Difference Between Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup are the two most prestigious international tournaments in professional golf. Each event features 12 American players playing against 12 players from other countries. Each event is held once every two years. The host course rotates between America and another country. So…why do we need to have two international competitions?

They are not the same in many ways. What is the difference between Presidents Cups and Ryder Cups you might ask? Well, we’re here to answer that.

What’s the difference between Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup?

Although the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup are very similar, the most striking difference is the way the teams are assembled. The Ryder Cup pits Team USA against Team Europe. In the Presidents Cup, the Americans will face off against the International team.

The Ryder Cup is America vs. Europe and the Presidents Cup America vs. other countries. The Presidents Cup does not include any Europeans. Therefore, the International team is made up primarily of South Africans and South Koreans each year.

The competition format is another major difference between the events. The Ryder Cup will see Team USA and Team Europe compete in four fourball matches on Day 1, Day 2, and four foursomes matches on Day 3. The competition ends on Day 3 with 12 singles matches. The team with the most points will win.

The Presidents Cup is contested by Team USA and Team International. They play five foursomes matches per day, five fourball matches per day on Day 2, and four morning foursomes matches each day. There are also four afternoon fourball matches, four morning foursomes matches, and four afternoon fourball matches. Day 4 will see 12 singles matches. The team with the most points wins.

Team USA won both the Ryder Cup as well as Presidents Cup

Although the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup operate in very different ways, there is one thing that has remained constant between them: the Ryder Cup.

Team USA hosts the show.

The Americans have a record of 27-14-2 in 43 Ryder Cup editions. The Presidents Cup is even more competitive, with Team USA going 11-1-1 in 13 matchups. Although a combined team competition would have closer results, Team USA is happy to dominate two events.

Ryder Cup 2023

The 2023 Ryder Cup will take place in Italy for the very first time starting from September 25 to October 1, 2023, at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, located just outside Rome.

Presidents Cup 2024

Presidents Cup will take place at The Royal Montreal Golf Club in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, from September 24 to September 29.

How to Bet on the Ryder Cup: 4 tips

how to bet on the ryder cup

The Ryder Cup is the most exciting event for true golf enthusiasts. Each country’s top players compete for national pride. The teamwork aspect of golf is rare.

Even if your favorite sport is golf, the Ryder Cup offers a fantastic opportunity to win money by using a well-thought gambling strategy.

There are many similarities between the Ryder Cup and regular tournament golf, but there are also significant differences. We will discuss about what to consider when betting on the Ryder Cup.

1. Learn about the Format

the ryder cup trophy

It’s important to understand that the tournament format is different from regular stops on the tour. Changes in game style have an effect on the outcome and force both players and bettors into new ways of thinking.

The tournament lasts three days rather than the usual four. But that’s only the beginning. Although the rules are not difficult to understand, there is plenty of information.

I’ll try my best to break it down:

Friday and Saturday are divided into a morning session and an afternoon session. Fourball is played during the morning, while foursomes take place in the afternoon. What’s the difference between fourball and foursomes?


This game involves two teams of two people, each with four balls per hole. The hole with the lowest score wins the team. This means that there will be four scores, but only one winner.

This type of game might be easier if you have participated in corporate golf outings and similar events. Foursome play is similar to Fourball play in that there are two teams each with two players.
What is the main difference? It is the best ball type of gameplay. It means that even though all players shoot, the best shot is the next one.


Ricky Fowler will tee off in the middle and Justin Thomas will hit on the rough. Both players will shoot from Ricky’s ball.

This type of game is more common because it is less likely that two pros will each hit a bad shot. This is the area where amateur golf outings differ greatly.


Things get a bit more traditional on the third and last day of the Ryder Cup. The European team’s 12 players will face off 1v1 with the USA team’s 12. There is some strategy involved as the captain decides which order the players will tee off.

Match play is very simple. The point system works like this: whichever team wins, gets a point.

2. Evaluate the Course

when betting on the ryder cup you need to evaluate the course

The Ryder Cup home course varies depending on who won it the year before. It is important to assess how the course layout matches the skill level of the players competing.


Some golfers have more success playing shorter courses with skilled shots than raw power.

Links courses or courses that emphasize distance may be better suited for some players.

It’s crucial to research which types of players are most successful in each case. It won’t take long to watch old matches again and you won’t need to do any digging. A website can provide you with accurate information about the course and how it favors each Ryder Cup player.

3. Know Your Bet

in ryder cup betting you need to know your bet

You should have a plan for betting on the Ryder Cup. Finding a sportsbook with the right type of betting options is the first step.

Some bettors believe that betting on the winner of the cup at the conclusion of the weekend is the best and safest way to bet. Some gamblers may prefer to bet on one type of play (foursome, fourball, match play) rather than the other.

My favorite way to win is to simply look for favorable odds and take the best possible bets, regardless of what day it is or how you play.

You can also get active on the market by using live-betting options in-game. These are becoming more popular as online sportsbooks improve. This involves placing a wager before a hole starts and then choosing the winner.

It’s crucial to keep up with live betting if you want to integrate it into your overall strategy. You can spot patterns in live betting and you will be more successful.

No matter what type of bets are chosen, you should ensure that you receive good value and reasonable odds. Although betting on heavy favorites may seem like a safe bet, even one or two losses could ruin your weekend.

4. Research the players

It’s easier to grasp the team selection process than the gameplay format if you don’t know what it is.

Based on their performances in different tournaments, golfers accumulate points that can be used to select the Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup occurs every two years so the points that are accumulated during a Ryder Cup year have more value than those that are not being played in that year.

Each team is automatically assigned the top eight players from each point list. The team captain then selects the four remaining players.

While this is a difficult decision, there are important factors that can be considered.

  • Experience
  • Performance at a course in the past
  • Leadership is not only about the individual.

Sports bettors can now dive into the selections and decide which team is the best.

It’s important to monitor how each player performs in the weeks leading to the Cup if you want to really capitalize on it as a way of increasing your bankroll.

It’s very valuable to be able to access past performances at the Ryder Cup course.

Be aware that certain bets, such as betting on the overall winner or on match play pairings on Sundays, may require different criteria.

Experience and veteran leadership are important factors when betting on the overall Cup winner.

You may be able to spot a player that is only on the team for a veteran presence. This will allow you to pick the opponent for the match play round.

Please Note:

No matter who is on the team, or their particular skill sets, the first place you should go is the most recent tournaments that they participated in.

While past success does not necessarily mean future success, it is a good idea to ride a hot player throughout the weekend.

Ryder Cup Conclusion

Because it attracts both casual and avid golfers from around the world, the Ryder Cup is one of the most popular sports events.

Sports bettors have many options to profit from the more unusual game formats where traditional sportsbooks may not offer the same odds as they would.

The Ryder Cup is a great sporting event to gamble on if you haven’t tried it before.

And, as always, remember to bet with your head and not over it!

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