Using Multiple Sportsbooks: 5 Little-Known Reasons To Bet At More Than One

It may seem easier to place your bets at just one sportsbook. You know where to find the right bets and your money is in one place.

If you are in legal betting, however, multiple sportsbooks is the fastest way to go from a losing bettor to a winner (and hopefully beyond).

Here’s why.

1. The best line will come more often

Would you rather place a bet on Alabama at -3.5 than -4.5? Are the Dodgers worth -130 or 140?

Easy question. In almost all cases, you want a lower price.

You’ll be a lot closer to winning if you consistently get better prices, even if it’s just a few cents per wager.

Let’s suppose you are a baseball gambler who wagers $100 on mainly short favorites and small underdogs. Over the course of the season, you go 210 to 190 (52.5%) It’s a great year! But did you make a profit?

You’ll make $2,000 if the average line you place is +100. Breakeven is achieved if the average line is -110. A few cents per wager can make a big difference over the long term.

You should generally look for sportsbooks with the lowest vig. However, if it is still cheaper at a high-juice betting site, then you should place your bet there.

2. You get free money

if you bet at multiple sportsbooks you will get more money. The Worldly Bettor explains why

Sportsbooks give away a lot of money, but it is mostly for new customers. There is still plenty of money available as sportsbooks try to attract new customers.

The bonuses can add up in states that have at least four sportsbooks, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

Because there are many sportsbooks on the market, New Jersey residents can receive bonus cash worth more than $1,000. If you sign up at each book and make a deposit, you can place risk-free wagers up to $10,000.

However, there are important differences between real free money, deposit matches, risk-free betting, and free bets.

Although it is the most desirable type of bonus, it can be as small as $10 or $25. You can withdraw or place bets with cash.

Free bets: bet with this money, and if you win, it will turn into REAL cash.

Risk-free bet: FanDuel offers risk-free betting up to $1,000 You must deposit the required amount to get the full $1,000. If the bet is lost, you will be credited with free bets. You must win and place bets in order to receive actual cash.

Deposit match: BetMGM offers a $500 deposit match, with a minimum of $10. Deposit $200 and they will give you $200 more in free bets. You will be required to sign a 2x rollover agreement so that you cannot withdraw the money. Once you have placed $400, you are eligible to withdraw it.

3. Not all books have everything

One dirty little secret about sports betting is the fact that several sportsbooks use the same odds provider. If you don’t see a SugarHouse bet, it’s likely that you won’t find one at Unibet. The layouts are very similar).

This applies to all bets that go beyond the basic point spreads or moneylines, such as props, futures, live betting, and futures. Every book will offer you a line for the Chiefs-Ravens spread.

Players’ props and niche markets will not be available everywhere. DraftKings offers the most extensive selection of NFL props available among legal U.S. sportsbooks. DK was also the first to publish post-college football win totals across all 130 FBS teams.

Bet365 offers unique futures options because it is a European book. For example, who will be the Premier League leader at Christmas?

BetMGM was the only book to offer Conn Smith odds prior to the NHL Playoffs’ resumption last year.

4. Every book has its own rules

You’ll discover that sports books are different.

BetMGM pays out all ties, so you should make sure to place your golf finishing position bets. You will get 2-1 if a golfer finishes in the Top 20 at 10-1, and he ties with five others golfers. You’ll receive the entire amount at MGM.

DraftKings will rescind your NFL first touchdown scorer wager if there is no touchdown. Bet365 offers the option to place a bet on “no touchdown scored”, so you would lose.

5. Timing

A common secret in the world of sports betting is that most bookmakers simply copy odds from a handful of sources. Bookmakers simply watch a screen to see if the market-setting betting site moves and then they move. Bookmakers will also allow other sportsbooks to open betting action, then wait until the line settles before they post.

Some U.S.-based sportsbooks are trying to be more innovative with their offerings or to at least offer odds on something.

Circa Sports, which is only available in Nevada, Iowa, and Colorado soon, is the first U.S. publication to offer post-college football odds on Sundays for the following week. DraftKings will usually follow on Sunday night. Many other books won’t open until Monday morning or Sunday night.

If you are looking to wager on college football before others, DraftKings is the best place to go (unless you live in Nevada or Colorado), and Circa is the next stop.

Now, keep these 5 reasons in mind and you will be able to place successful bets and maintain a great bankroll within just a few days. However, as always, remember to bet with your head and not over it!

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