What is Spread Betting in Football: No.1 Information Today

Spread betting on football involves placing a bet against the spread in markets like Supremacy and Total Goals.

It allows you to place bets on the outcome of Football matches. Even more, it allows you to bet on multiple outcomes instead of just one outcome. The number of goals scored is what affects the outcome of a football bet.

With this being said, let’s move on and learn more about it!

The Difference between Spread Betting and Fixed Odds

spread betting on football

Spread betting on football is preferred to fixed odds due to the possibility of multiple outcomes. This keeps the match exciting until the last whistle.

Spread betting is a way to do this. Spread refers to two prices: one to “buy” and another to “sell”. For example, 2.3-2.5 would be the price for total goals in England against Brazil

England v Brazil Total Goals: 2.3-2.5

If you think it will be a high-scoring match like a 3-1, and the buy price is 2.5, you would purchase at 2.5. This is because you are confident that there will be many goals.

You would win 2.5 times your stake unit if there were five goals

You would lose 1.5 times your stake unit if there was only one goal

If there were 2.3 goals on the market and you believed that the match would end in a close game like 1-0, you would price it at 2.3. This is because you don’t believe there will be many goals.

You would win 2.3x your stake unit if the match ended in 0-0. You would lose 1.7x your stake unit if there were 4 goals.

List of Football Spread Betting Markets

spread betting football

Here’s a list of spread betting markets that you should keep close by:

  • Supremacy (how many goals one side scores against the other)
  • Total Goals
  • Book Bookings
  • Corners
  • Shirt numbers
  • Goal Time 1st Match Goal
  • Goal Time 1st Team Goal
  • Team Goal Minutes
  • Minutes for Player Goal

Now, let’s move on to leagues and competitions as they are very important!

Leagues and Competitions

Spread betting is possible in all major leagues, including the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A.

Spread betting is available in major tournaments. There are many tournaments that you can participate in, including the Champions League, Europa League, and FA Cup.

Now you have more information on football spread betting and we hope that you found it useful. As always, remember to bet with your head and not over it!

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