How to Win At Arbitrage Sports Betting – 100% Guaranteed

Do you want to ensure guaranteed profits betting on sports, arbitrage sports betting is the ticket. It seems impossible but it’s true, and in this insight, you’ll see exactly how to do it.  There is a strategy that will ensure you make a profit on your wagers regardless of the outcome of the events.  It’s called sports betting arbitrage.

Arbitrage sports betting is a strategy that allows you to bet on both sides of the same game with two different online sportsbooks, and guarantee a profit. It is one of the most popular sports betting strategies that if done correctly can literally yield millions of dollars for you.  But honestly, that is not too common for the average bettor.  Nonetheless, if you could make an extra $200 a week, that’s a lot of beer money.

You must first understand what arbitrage sports betting is and how it works. This article will be covering it in detail below. But know this, sports betting arbitrage is not a “get rich quick” scheme, it is a slow methodical way to make money in sports betting.

What Does Arbitrage Sports Betting Mean?

Arbitrage Sports Betting: image depicting a basketball, a baseball and a soccer ball

Arbitrage sports betting allows you to profit from pricing differences in the betting markets. This involves placing multiple wagers on one sporting event to cover all possible outcomes. These wagers can return an overall profit regardless of the outcome of the event if they are placed in the right circumstances.

This is an accurate description of arbitrage betting strategy, but it doesn’t tell you much. First, we need to understand that there are different bookmakers who will rate a game differently from one another. 

Arbitrage sports betting: when do they occur?

In arbitrage sports betting, you must keep an eye open for opportunities. Thehy are created when bookmakers make imprecise calculations of probabilities. This could happen when the bookmaker:

  • Does not react in real-time to live events. In dynamic games like basketball and tennis, odds may change multiple times per second. Bookmakers are often unable to respond quickly and adjust the odds.
  • Make a bet that is way too high. There is a lot of competition in the betting market. Bookmakers are keen to retain existing bettors as well as gain new ones. As bookmakers fight for market share, odds are set higher and higher.

Arbitrage opportunities may arise from one bookmaker, or from differences in odds between multiple bookmakers for the same event. Let’s look at how bettors can take advantage of these opportunities.

Is arbitrage sports betting profitable?

Is atrbitrage sports betting profitable? The Worldly Bettor shares the answer

While there are risks, arbitrage betting is profitable 100% of the time. This is a form of hedging and requires that a sports bettor place their bets at roughly the same time on opposing sides of the same wager. So, just as with anything else in life, if you learn how to do it right, understand it completely and if you’re not afraid of a little risk from time to time, then yes, you will be able to make quite a beautiful profit from arbitrage sports betting. However, you won’t be making a tremendous amount of money from it.

Since we’re here, let’s also dig into this topic. How much can you make with arbitrage sports betting? You might get excited and think that sports arbitrage is a fast way to become rich. This type of betting is much more tedious than any other. I don’t wish to discourage you, but the truth will always be your best friend. So, you need to know that you will typically earn between 1 and 2 percent profit on the total sum wagered. Not even professional sports bettors have a large margin, so take it as it is and don’t get discouraged over it…!

How much money do you need for arbitrage?

When it comes to arbitrage sports betting one of the best parts is that there is no low or high limit to the money that you can invest. You get to decide how much money you want to invest in your business. If you are serious about starting this business, you should consider investing at least $1000. However, you can also start with just $100.

Arbitrage sports betting: Examples

For example, let’s say the Giants are playing the Cowboys in the NFL and one bookmaker thinks the Cowboys should be -7.5 and a different bookie sets the line at -6.5.  If you were to bet the Giants +7.5 with the first bookmaker and the Cowboys -6.5 with the other book, if the Cowboys win by 7, you win both bets!  If not, one side pays the other side, and you cover the juice (10%)

If you were to bet $1,000 on both sides, and one wins and one loses (which of course is the most likely scenario), you would win $1,000, but lose $1,100, for a net loss of $100.  But if by some chance the Cowboys happen to win by exactly 7, you win $2,000.  This means, if you did this 20 times, on 20 different games, you would only need to have the game fall in the “middle” (the favorite wins by 7), once in order to be profitable.

If you struggle with math let me see if I can explain. if you lose 19 times you lose $1,900. If you win once you win $2,000. That’s a net positive of $100. 

That’s the easy part.  Now here’s where it gets a little more difficult. Finding opportunities like this takes a lot of work. You need multiple accounts with multiple online sportsbooks that have a lot of action in order to see differentials in the spread of the same game. It doesn’t necessarily need to be surrounding the number seven, but it’s helpful, as this is a common number in football score differentials. Other good numbers are 3 and 10, but honestly, any other whole number for that matter will work just fine.

That said, while everyone has football fever, it actually works the best in basketball. Either way, it’s going to be finding the opportunities that pose the biggest challenge. Browse to our Sportsbooks on this site and set up multiple accounts with some of the biggest bookmakers in the world and you’re on your way.

As a normal sign-off to these inside posts, we usually tell you to bet with your head and not over it. While that’s still the case when it comes to arbitrage sports betting getting, as much action on the games as possible increases your chances of winning. It’s just finding the right opportunities, so keep looking. Good luck and enjoy!

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